Support and Publicity…a simple THANK YOU!

Support and Publicity…a simple THANK YOU!

Thank you.

For every card, Facebook post, private message, phone call, text, fruit salad, meal, donation, positive thought, and prayer. You (collective) have allowed me to attack my cancer with optimism and positivity. Most of this war’s battles are yet to come, but having your strength and encouragement behind me gives me the daily support I need.

And I’m not alone. I’m fighting a similar battle with numerous friends (some new, some old). Cancer doesn’t discriminate and almost everyone I’ve met has had their life impacted by cancer in some way, either directly or indirectly. But united we stand…and no one fights alone.

To Stephanie Price and the Woodstock Independent newspaper, thank you for the wonderful article on July 7, 2016 that highlights the support of the greater McHenry County community and acknowledges my hermano at Woodstock North High School, Miguel Rodriguez.

Woodstock Independent Article (July 7, 2016)

To Julie Maher, Krysta Ricker, and Courtney Gotsch, thank you for setting up a page in our name. The financial support will allow us to fight cancer from multiple perspectives. And to those that have donated or otherwise left positive comments, we cannot thank you enough. We just started this journey, but cancer is expensive! Your words of encouragement and inspiration are just as meaningful.

YouCaring.Com Crowdfunding Site

It has been wonderful connecting with family members, friends, neighbors, colleagues, former teachers, former students, and even complete strangers. A simple ‘Thank You’ to all of those people isn’t enough. We pledge to defeat this cancer and pay it forward to others in need. Thanks for modeling compassion and creating a future of hope.

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